Letter o week - and then some...

Well last week was letter O week.   We also had some snow and G got a snow day on Wednesday, and went in late on Thursday


I was feeling not so hot, so it was an easy lunch for me with nothing to do with O
Dino chicken nuggets with a sun potato,  cheese flowers, nilla wafers, bread suns, carrots and oranges.

Tuesday - O is for octopus
Left over baked pasta with mozzarella octopus (which are melting away, oops) with some fish rings. 
Cheddar cheese, pepperoni, goldfish crackers, nilla wafers and some apple and a yogurt (not pictured) complete his lunch.

Wednesday - snow day

Thursday - O is for Owls.

Owls are made from bread circles with cheese eyes and wings, carrot noses.  A Cheddar O, applesauce with sprinkles, more cheese, carrots, and turkey round out his lunch.

Friday -  Grandparents lunch, so I took G out of school early as his grandparents are far away and couldn't come.

and that leads us to this week.

Monday - no school

Today (Tuesday)  O is for Olaf (again, G just loves the movie Frozen and when I asked for somthing that started with O  Olaf it was..) 
They might of started a new letter today, but I figure with missing a day last week I could do one more O lunch

Olaf is bread and sharp white cheddar cheese, with a carrot nose and pretzel arms.  He has strawberries, carrots, Nilla wafers and some ham to go with it.  Oh and Olaf is sitting on some blue rice/Ice...


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