A new school year!

Once again  it was a tearful start for me this morning... G did wonderful and went running into school.

We decided that he was going to stay in Pre K this year and take a year to mature a bit. (even though it hurt this moms heart) At first he was a tad bit bummed about all his friend being in K and him having to stay back, but this morning he was all smiles and just told everyone... "I'm giving Pre-K another chance"  man I love that boy.

I made him a special back to school lunch, I hope he loves it.

He has an open face swiss sandwich, with the paper drawn on it.. Turkey rolled up to look like an eraser.  The pencil is ham eraser, cheese stick and a marshmallow point.  Cheese its and gummies in the smaller part and an half of an apple and carrots.

Here he is on his first day, he is the cutest.


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